10-20 - Now closed
10-20 has closed
After a number of years of being active but only a very small uptake of users, we have been left very little choice but to discontinue support for 10-20.
10-20 maps the location of people going to an event for the duration of the event. Designed to make it easy for a bunch of people to meet up for an event without a stream of messages about where you're at.
Say your meeting for a bike ride, not everybody knows everyone else, some people have decided to stay in bed, some are running a few minutes late and one person has a flat and will catch up later. 10-20 lets you quickly see where everyone is at and proceed accordingly.
Your privacy is central to the design of 10-20. No personally identifiable information, login or password are required by 10-20. We don't need or want access to your contacts, facebook account etc. Participants join an event by entering a unique 3 word event key, or with an event join link that includes the event key.
There is no tracking history. Only your last location is kept for a short time (approximately 20 minutes) and then deleted. Your location is only displayed when you have tracking on AND the event status is tracking on. You turn location tracking on and off on the map page. The event creator can turn tracking on and off on the event detail page and delete the event when it is over.
There are NO ADS. You can join events with the free app, if you want to be able to create events there is an in-app purchase to upgrade to event creator. This helps to support continued app development and server costs.
10-20 can be used to:
  • inform everyone of a change to a meeting point location.
  • catch up later without worrying where everyone will be later.
  • see if someone has been left behind.
  • see where everyone went if you got left behind (accidentally of course).
  • make sure everyone has moved on to the new spot on a tour.
  • keep track of family members.